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Jeannie Stylist Shopping on a Budget

Jeannie Stylist Fashion Blog

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“Shopping on a Budget!”

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Top 10 Summer 2013 From Jeannie Stylist

Jeannie Stylist Fashion Blog

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“Her top 10 must-have items for summer 2013”

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Jeannnie Stylist Traveling Tips


                                                                          Jeannie Stylist Fashion Blog

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“Tips for Travel”

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Seasonal Changing In Handbags by Jeannie Stylist

“Seasonal Changing In Handbags”
Hello my dear fashionistas! I have a confession to make. I have a love affair with handbags. In other
words, if a Handbags Anonymous (HA) organization existed, then believe me darlings, I would be there!

Jeannie Stylist Fashion Blog

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Meet Cathi Rafalski of Southern Living at HOME/Willow House lovers

Cathi Rafalski  Grew up with her Father being an Electrical Engineer and moving from state to state. Eventually getting a position in Suriname which is located in South America  above Brazil . The Official Language there is Dutch but what most people spoke was called  taki taki  with Both her Parents now  being Missionaries. Cathi lived there till the age of 12 and then they all moved back to the States to Columbia South Carolina


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Meet Jeannie Stylist

Jeannie  grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and  loved  the beach.  Her  hobbies are reading, swimming and scrap booking. She  also enjoys entertaining for her girlfriends with garden tea parties. Though her husband and herself don’t have any children, they do have a beagle named Twinkles!  (Sometimes she dresses  her up as a little fashionista) lol. The first thing that got her started in fashion was when she was a little girl and she would play with Barbies with her sister (back in the 70s. She is now 43). If  they  behaved, their mother would take them  down to the local Kmart on Saturday mornings, and let each of them  pick out a Barbie outfit. Then in high school,

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Emerald Forest botanical hair care

Emerald Forest Shampoo and Conditioner with Sapayul Oil. I Have tried Both types and was pleased
with both. I gave them each about a week before reviewing. Feeling Clean Smelling Good and Both Left my Hair with Body and Shine.

I have tried allot of expensive Brand Name Shampoo’s and this ranks right up there and beats most. I really loved the way it performed

and I would recommend it to anyone  using shampoo and conditioner for dry over treated and damaged hair.  And they also have  for normal

hair and hair needing a shine.

Facebook Page:  



info @

EMERALD FOREST botanical hair care products

distributed by:

Natural Tropix Corporation

1042 N El Camino Real #303

Encinitas, CA 92024

(760) 633-0110 phone

(760) 633-0120 fax


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Rachel Ramm Artist Lillla Rose Consultant


Rachel lives in Ohio with her parents and six younger siblings, the youngest of whom is 4. A self-taught oil painter and Portrait Artist, she gravitates toward impressionism, though she is studying classical realism as well. She is inspired by film and literature, especially fantasy/sci-fi and period dramas. Besides art, she enjoys philosophy, homemaking, interior design, and graphic design. Well we all have heard the term Starving Artist. I know I have been there. Rachel wanted to make extra income and stay in the Industry of Beauty and Style and she did. She chose to become a Lilla Rose Consultant and is now Launching her new Business.And loving it.

Rachel Ramm Photo

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Folky Art Candles

Our little family owned candle factory is Nestled among towering pine trees at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, you’ll find our itty bitty candle factory. Located at Lakspar Colorado. at the base of the Majestic Rocky Mountains. We have been making heavily scented , Unique and High Quality candles since 1999. Wholesale Orders are Welcome.

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French Laundry Home GiveAway

French Laundry Home a Vision of Debbie Jones

With a Life Long Love for Vintage Textiles

French Laundry Home is Located in High Point NC

Debbie’s Inspiration came from the Original linen being woven and rolled and eventually made into feed sacks.

Each family had distinctive colors and stripes a configuration to identify there farm at market.

Old worn bags where the Inspiration for the line of French Laundry Home fabrics.

french laundry home


Debbie and her Company  French Laundry Home Priding themselves with an appreciation of making all products in the USA.

They do not go off shore ,where they might get products and production cheaper. Instead giving the opportunity for employment

for their textiles finished goods, bedding and pillows and furniture in High Point North Carolina.

They use Local artisans and Craftspeople to enhance their continued growing Line. Adding something Unique and New

much needed into the Home Goods Market.


This is 2013 part of The Genevive Collection


They have Created and Designed with the textiles using a fabulous chunky extremely tactile fabric.

While using those original stripes as well as coordinating plains. A Treasure Chest of Natural Tones. Prints being added

to the line using a resist style of printing. The process duplicates a fabric that appears to be Vintage instantly

The Timeless Beauty of their Linen/ cotton blend fabric makes the textiles the perfect choice for any Home.




2012 Brought several new products by French Laundry Home. Expanding our Line of tabletop and Holiday.

They  now are Proud to offer there  Exciting Collection of totes, jackets, and t shirts. I Hope you take the opportunity

to browse through the many different Exciting Lines they have to Offer . I know myself I have been watching them

Grow from the beginning.


French Laundry Home

1206 Trinity Ave

High Point NC 27260

P: 336 883-2680

F: 336 883-2691


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