Jewelry In Candles

The Candles

As candle lovers we ventured into the candle industry to find an alternative to paraffin candles. Our variety of scented candles are among the finest you will find. Our goal and purpose was to offer a candle that lasted longer, smelled great from start to finish and was a healthier alternative to paraffin. 100% soy wax burns clean and is safe for our environment  We dedicate a great deal of our time, attention, and passion to making sure that each candle comes to you with exquisite quality. Our product is created with fine detail to offer you the best jewelry candles in the market.

The Jewelry

Our candles won’t just add a fresh scent to your home, office or bedroom, it will surprise you with a nice piece of jewelry as well! Yes, Jewelry! Each jewelry candle jar contains a hidden jewelry sealed inside a foil that is unnoticeable until after the first lighting. After a short time burning you can easily remove your treasure and be surprised. A quality product, unique aroma, and the keepsake jewelry are our gifts to you!

Our jewelry is GUARANTEED to be .925 sterling silver or better and commonly includes real gold and real diamonds. When selecting you favorite scent, you also get to choose your favorite jewelry and size; never again be disappointed by surprise jewelry that does not fit you! It has been said the jewelry we include inside every candle is worth more than the price of the candle. One thing is for sure, your experience will be unforgettable when you see such a priceless memento as your new possession.
If you are looking for that perfect gift for that special someone, our candles can be a great cause for amazement! Let us be involved in a moment that you will never forget. Your loved one will be in awe when they see the secret foil containing the jewelry as the candle has burned halfway.
With our array of jewelry candles to choose from, we have all of the options! Let us help you choose the perfect candle–one that will include a glittering surprise that you deserve!
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Daily & Weekly Giveaways

If you love winning candles or jewelry (or all-in-one), you have come to the right place. We love our fans and try to give product away daily. All of our giveaways are posted on our social platforms, so you have to follow us to win.

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 I tried the Candle s and I will tell you the scent is pleasant but you cant wait to get to the Jewelry!!!
Excited like when you where little getting the prize in the Cracker Jax Box!! I took a tweezers and
rooted around and for my Jewelry and found it!! Quite Excited I opened it up and both where Lovely
I got the sterling cross earrings and a sterling ring . These would be Great for presents because it’s like
a Lotto ticket. There fun and Give of whatever scent you choose. You may just may got the Big Prize!!
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