Beautiful Bakeshop

The collection I have done for you is ‘Glittering flight a collection of
color’. I have always been fascinated with color combinations, that is
start point for me when I think about starting a new cookie collection.

Meet Kym Joles Owner of Beautiful Bakeshop

Kym Joles

Kym’s Creations are almost as Beautiful as Kym. But We All are fascinated on how Beautiful they Look but how do

they taste?? I have been assured that they taste as Wonderful as They Look. And you can order them from Beautiful Bakeshop

By emailing Kym at for prices and further details.


I have looked for the right creative medium to delve into since I was young, sugar is my addiction. I grew up on a remote game farm in
Africa, I spent hot afternoons baking in the kitchen. Baking is in me, a passion I absolutely love…….



 I can honestly say I am my happiest with an icing bag in hand, jazz playing in the background. Pure bliss.

have so many big plans for the future, I am so excited to find the new design or new piece of inspiration.

I still have so much to learn and  cannot wait each an every part of the incredible cookie journey I have

This is just a small sampling of what Kym is Creating I will post some more pictures to give you a larger scope.

If you want to keep updated with Kym You can fin her on her Facebook Page:

You can contact Kym for Orders for now at her email :

I myself am hoping we will see a Website coming soon, because items can be listed on a larger scale and everyone should

be able to enjoy Kym’s Beautiful Bakeshop!!


Playing with Luster Dust

Playing with Luster Dust

Teacher Gifts

Teacher Gifts

Spring Creations

Spring Creations

Whimsical Cupcakes

Whimisical Cupcakes

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