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  Tinkered Treasures  By Elyse Major
Tinkered Treasures is truly a treasure chest full of surprises with every turn of the page. Elyse Major has written a beautiful do-it-yourself guide to transforming everyday objects into pretty keepsakes. Each project is broken down into step-by-step instructions that even children will be able to follow.
This guide to tinkering begins with a preparation chapter. Elyse Major discusses items that are essential to begin on the journey of transforming. Some of the supplies include several types of glue, ribbon, twine, pinking shears, and various odds and ends that end up in the recycle bin. Bottle caps, pickle jars, tin cans, and egg crates will all be put to good use after reading this book.
Perhaps the most helpful bit of advice is the directions to make “pretty paper”. “Pretty paper” is a bit of cloth with a desirable design scanned into a copy machine and printed out. The “pretty paper” is used for most of the projects. Some crafts that utilize “pretty paper” are decorating bath tiles to make coasters, designing a journal cover, and crafting magnetic petits fours.
The book is separated into four chapters. Each chapter is dedicated to crafts that fall into separate categories: tinkering sundries; such as decorated clothespins, tinkering supplies; such as favor baskets, tinkering recyclables; such as mint-tin shadow boxes, and tinkering bits and bobs; such as decorated jewelry boxes. Every project includes romantic photos, and illustrations for the step-by-step instructions.
A beautiful craft book; Tinkered Treasures inspires a whimsical and creative mood as soon as you flip through each chapter. Each lovingly hand-made item sings a song of fancy. Elyse Major creates a world of wonder and beauty; every reader will be itching to transform their everyday household objects into flowery little treasures. The book itself makes a pretty picture just placed upon a coffee table. This is the perfect book for people who are looking for simple, do-it-yourself craft projects to give as gifts or accent their homes.

Review Written By,
Monica Lee Floyd

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  1. tinkeredtreasures

    many thanks for this lovely review! i’ve been so busy concentrating on the follow-up ‘seaside tinkered treasures’ that it’s such a delight to read about my first book.

    thank you again and happy tinkering!


    • sava6579

      I am so happy You liked it and again I am so sorry I lost the first one.
      Monica Floyd who is qualified and does the Reviews for Savannah Attics
      My was more than happy when she heard what happened to do another review.
      I know I’ll be tinkering and so will allot of other people. Thank You

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