How to Clean and Remove Odors


Every house has a smell. It’s a combination of the people who live there, their perfume, the food they cook, and many other things. I read somewhere that the air inside your home can be two to 100 times more polluted than what’s outside. We’ve all been there. What to do when your house smells bad? With a little time and effort the odor can be significantly reduced in a couple of days.

*Open a window. Let in fresh air and sunlight. They will work together to lessen any strong smell. If nothing else, opening a window will make the rest of the cleanup more bearable. Nothing else helps get rid of odors better than fresh air.
*Remove the source of the odor.
Take out the trash, bathe the pet, clean out the fridge, or do whatever it takes to stop any more odor from being created.
*Stop bad dishwasher odor by cleaning food scraps from the tub and running a dishwasher cleaner through a cycle.


*If your kitchen sink develops a foul smell, pour a cup of bleach down the drain. You can also run Bleach through your Dishwasher Cycle 2 or 3 times. Sometimes the Garbage Disposal will make that smell also. The bleach will take care of the stink.
*Take the carpet to have it professionally cleaned.
*If the odor is in the garbage can, wash it with warm water and white vinegar.
*If you have cigarette smoke, the light bulbs will get a coating on them from the build up of chemical substances from the cigarettes or other source. Keep the light bulb clean and it won’t be a problem.
*Change the filters in any ventilation, heating, or air conditioning system.
Those systems work better when the filters are regularly cleaned anyway, and if you’re trying to get rid of odors, there’s no sense having them circulate in your ventilation system. If you think the ventilation system is the source of the problem and changing the filters didn’t help, see about getting your ducts cleaned.
*Baking Soda makes odors go away.
The best thing available to make bad smells go away is baking soda. People think about it for their freezer or refrigerator, but it’s good for much more than that. You can sprinkle it on carpet, work it in a bit and vacuum it up. For other items, like mattresses, cushions and clothing, dampen the fabric and gently rub with baking soda, then wipe off/rinse with cold water.

Do you know few tips on removing odors from your home? I would like to hear your comments.


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