Margaret Pirate Queen

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Margaret Pirate Queen

Portions of the proceeds made off this book will be donated to rescue dog programs!!! (because there are so many more pirate dogs out there, just like Margaret, who need homes)

About The Author: Marsha S Tennant

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Marsha Tennant has been an educator for 40 years working with at-risk students. She is a regular contributor to Sasee Magazine  ( )SHE Magazine ( and to THE GULLAH GRASS DOLL COLLECTION . She  has made numerous contributions to educational journals and publications. She also does freelance writing for the cottage business “Simply Journaling.”  She can be contacted at

Dub Sutton(1951-2013) Dub was the research pirate behind the story of Margaret and her rescue crew. He loved history and especially anything to do with the high seas and pirates. His expertise in the details made this adventure come to life. He was also an advocate for animals.In his memory, part of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to animal causes.

How it all began….

It has been asked many times.  How did this all start?  Where did the pirate dogs come from?  It all began when brother and sister Marsha Tennant and Dub Sutton were watching Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean.   Marsha Loves All things Pirates!! They immediately noticed how much HE looked like Margaret, Marsha’s dog.   Margaret is a rescue dog. Not only bears the eye markings made famous by Jack Sparrow, but has the personality to boot! Margaret is named after a friend who loved animals, too.
She passed away young and so that’s my canines namesake!   In Honor of my young friend that We All Tragically Lost too soon.

As she slept on porch (her favorite past time) Marsha and Dub would tease her about what she could possibly be  dreaming. They started talking to her about “what are you dreaming now?”   The idea grew from there because of Jack Sparrow and the pond in the back yard that Margaret seemed to stare at all day. The Lowcountry, home of the authors, is rich in Pirate Lore and who doesn’t love Anne Bonney (infamous female pirate).   Dub and Marsha started talking and Dub jumped right into doing the research for the idea. It really was created for fun and to use as a teaching tool for Marsha to use in the classroom.


Dub and Marsha started talking and Dub jumped right into doing the research for the idea. It really was created for fun and to use as a teaching tool for Marsha to use in the classroom.  The book, along with some illustrations by Amy Chapman, began to make its rounds to several schools in the area and seemed to really get the children fired up about using their imaginations.  One class even aided in creating some storylines and helped Amy to create one of the illustrations.  The book has been used to classrooms to teach the students about the writing process and how to make drafts and edits.  It has also been used to show the students how an illustrator creates an illustration for a page.

Illustrator: Amy Chapman


Amy Chapman grew up in Myrtle Beach, SC and now lives in Columbia, SC.  She studied both art and art history at Winthrop University and is now working on her master’s degree in art history at the University of South Carolina. In the past Amy has been a mural artist and freelance painter.





And when Margaret touched the Cape that is when the Magic Began

I Had the Pleasure of Reading this to my Grandkids after ThanksGiving Dinner  who of course thought Margaret was a Girl.  To their  Pleasant Surprise was  an

Adventurous Dog. I have two Grandsons age 8 and 7 and a Granddaughter age 4 and to my Enjoyment all my Grandkids and Myself were  enthralled into Margaret’s

Adventure through the lowcountry and Charleston Market. Also waiting to see the next illustration. This is a Great Family Book besides just your Child. I Look forward to

more Books from Marsha Tennant

A Gifted and Creative Author. Please Pick up a Copy and Share with your Family.

Facebook: Marsha S. Tennant

You can find it on Amazon, Barns and Noble and Books a Million.

Put the Tablets down and Read and Feel a Great Book!!


This children’s book is a wonderful nod to the lowcountry and coastal waters off of South Carolina. Margaret, the Pirate Queen, is a vivacious canine Pirate looking for adventure at sea and BLING at the famous Charleston Market. The action in the story combined with lovable characters makes for a fun read for children of all ages.

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