Make Mother’s Day Special


very cool and hip wedding table settings for a funky fresh young bride and groom. This is not your mama's wedding! Shallow depth of field with the focus on the fork and glass. One of several in this series.

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so you’ll want to think about what you want to do to celebrate with mom. Instead of waiting for a nice restaurant, try bringing a fancy restaurant style to your home. Save time and money, yet create something special for your mother.

If you like to cook, have fun creating a fun menu for your family. You can also cater food from your favorite restaurant. The meal is important, but just spending time together is the most important thing. Create a special environment for this special day.

A nice white cloth tablecloth will work nicely, or go for nice spring colors, depending on what style you prefer. Use the nice china that you only take out for holidays or special occasions. What is more special than celebrating the moms in your life?

Fine food and wine spring table settings with fresh tulips

Get a pretty bouquet of flowers from your local store or florist. You can then turn that into several arrangements. You can use nice vases, or even clear ones from the dollar store. Some nice colored stones in the bottom can make it look even more upscale and beautiful. You may find some other interesting pieces you already have at home to hold your flowers and look elegant.

Another pretty look is just to fill clear glasses with water and put some flower petals or flower tops floating in the water. Very simple, inexpensive, but adds a touch of class to your table.

Glass with Bouquet of Roses on a blurred colored background

If you are having an evening meal, use candles or other lights to make your table sparkle and shine. Miniature white lights look pretty and make your dining area look special. You can even use wine glasses for a candle holder. Just turn the wine glass upside down (put a few pieces of your flowers under the glass) and then put a small candle on the stem end. Even a plain jar with some ribbon tied around it can make a beautiful candle holder.


Dining table setting at Provence style, with candles, lavender, vintage crockery and cutlery, closeup.


You can dress up your dining room chairs with some easy no-sew slipcovers, if you have the time. This is an easy way to perk up your chairs if they are plain or showing age. A pop of color or classic white can add just that extra touch of style.

gorgeous wedding chair and table setting for fine dining


Do a little or do a lot- it is up to you, but with just a little time and effort you can treat your mom to an elegant dining experience for Mother’s Day. It really doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, just enjoy being with those you love on Mother’s Day.




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  1. Lovely ideas. I hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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      Thank you so much I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day in fact I know you will. And maybe we can talk all about it after it has arrived. Thank you for commenting is greatly appreciated. Please visit often to see new upcoming posts. Lisa

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