About Me

 Hello My name is Lisa,
  After having a painting and Interior Decorating Business
 I’m just an Ordinary Mother of 2 Grand Mother of 3 Who Loves Her Family and Friends and Life Itself.
Here I would like to share that passion with you and Hope to Evoke Inspiration
and Provoke Conversation while having Some Fun.
So Please Join Me and Follow from the Beginning as I take this New Journey
and Hopefully Learn, Share and Inspire One another
Thank You

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  1. Christine Pasek

    Do you just have a web site to share things or do you have a store too. ?
    We are going to our daughters for Easter and since we are all the way down in SC I want to go back to Savannah again…we were there last year for the 100th Birthday of Girl Scouts and visited Juliette Gordon Lowes home. If you have a store I would love to come and introduce myself. I also want to be able to do some of the off the beaten path type things and not just the tourist things.
    Thanks in advance for answering this e-mail.
    Christine Pasek

    • sava6579

      Christine at this time I do not have a store but maybe we can meet at Unto the Rainbow in Two Woman and a Wharehouse I need to meet her also….Lisa

  2. Cheryl

    Enjoying both your blog and Facebook page! Keep up the great work…the vase would be a great birthday gift for me! Love and best wishes!

    • sava6579

      thank You so Much and It really is a Beautiful handmade in Poland vase . I Hope you win too what a Great Birthday Gift

    • sava6579

      Thank You very much I appreciate it. allot of hours go into it so it’s nice to hear some positive feedback.
      Thank You

  3. Anna

    Hi there, I found you after clicking on several links re: chalk paint. Just curious….do you paint furniture? If so, are you in Savannah….I’d love a bit more information as I’ve just started vintage painting furniture and looking for a way to market it.


    • sava6579

      hello I am about to do my Bedroom set but I do not at this time sell furniture There are some Great places in Savannah to get and sell painted furniture Two Woman and a Wharehouse One is in Pooler and one is down town on Bull street. And many people sell there painted furniture right off there Facebook page Good Luck Lisa

  4. Christine Pasek

    I will get back to you as we firm up our plans for our visit to Savannah.

  5. Joan

    Hi Lisa, What great themes you have going. Am trying to redecorate on a “shoestring!” Love the Ideas!!!!! Thanks, Joan

  6. Audrey Berberich

    Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I love your site! My husband will be looking to retire in a few and we are searching out places to go. Hopefully we will make a trip to savannah soon! Your site makes a girl from dreary north New Jersey happy! Thanks!

    • sava6579

      Thank You Jersey Girl,
      I am Originally from NY and moved to FL to Savannah and just Love it here.
      There is always something going on and Free music bands playing in City Market.
      He and most of all you will Love it here!!
      Thank You foryour comment Lisa

  7. Elizabeth Rodriguez

    Lisa, I saw your facebook and then ended up on your website. I love it!! You have done an amazing job. I love the sophisticated look and all the wonderful feel good things!! I have wanted for the longest time to create a blog!! but because of various reason have gotten lost along the way…..I need to quit talking about it and start doing!! Any way from one woman to another, you are an inspiration!! I also wanted to share that I too know what it is to have the death of a parent impact one’s life, my daddy passed away in 2007…and I still miss him like it was yesterday!! He was the most amazing and excellent example of a father! I wish you continued success and an abundance of blessings, Elizabeth (Lisa)

    • sava6579

      Elizabeth yes that’s where Lisa comes from….Great name. Just Jump !! Just do it and doit about something your passionate about. I’m so happy to hear that I can be an Inspiration to
      someone when right now I am so sad still. Just keep going and Please let me know when you get your blog up? Many Blessings Lisa

  8. Terrific blog you have here.. It’s very difficult to discover wonderful writing like yours nowadays. I really delight in people like you! Take care!!

  9. You’ve got a superb blog here properly done best wishes

  10. Thanks for this, well written and great view point

  11. I was stationed at Hunter AFB when it was a SAC base from 1960-1962. As a young man of 17 in the US Air Force, Savannah was my first duty station. I loved her and always have wonderful memories of those times. Especially the USO dances in town where the ladies and gentlemen sat on each side of the room in weekend dances. One of my first remembered major kisses was from a young lady I walked home from one of those dances one night, so long ago. Blessings to you and yours in your journey.
    John J. Rigo

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