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How to Clean and Remove Odors


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New Years Eve Ideas

Goodbye 2013, and hello 2014! Tonight, we will share our resolutions, eat all the sweets we can find before our diets start tomorrow, and toast each other to a happy and healthy new year. Some of us will throw parties, and some of us will cuddle up on the couch with our family to watch the ball drop.

Regardless of how we celebrate, every one of us will be ringing in the new year. If you are still looking for some fun ways to celebrate the new year, here they are!

Photo from Paging Supermom

Photo from Paging Supermom

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DIY New Years Eve

New Years Eve has always been one of my favorite holidays. Before I had my baby, it was because I could do all the partying I wanted and then miraculously on January 1st, I would instantly become motivated. I would work out more and eat less junk food. I would meditate more and shop less. I would swear off drinking and partying. This usually lasted a few weeks and then it was back to normal.

Even after my baby, New Years is still one of my favorites. We all change from our fancy clothes to our pajamas and we cuddle up on the couch to watch the countdown. Some of us will fall asleep (ok, probably all of us) and we will jump when we hear the ball drop. We will eat sandwiches and will toast with cider instead of champagne. The next day, we will all meet at the bookstore to pick up our new books for the year – a tradition my boyfriend’s family has held since he was a little, and have now invited me to join.

In case you are hoping that your New Years Eve will be a little more eventful than mine, I have a few great party ideas to share.


Photo from Piece of Cake/ peace of mind

Photo from Piece of Cake/ peace of mind

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French Laundry Home GiveAway

French Laundry Home a Vision of Debbie Jones

With a Life Long Love for Vintage Textiles

French Laundry Home is Located in High Point NC

Debbie’s Inspiration came from the Original linen being woven and rolled and eventually made into feed sacks.

Each family had distinctive colors and stripes a configuration to identify there farm at market.

Old worn bags where the Inspiration for the line of French Laundry Home fabrics.

french laundry home


Debbie and her Company  French Laundry Home Priding themselves with an appreciation of making all products in the USA.

They do not go off shore ,where they might get products and production cheaper. Instead giving the opportunity for employment

for their textiles finished goods, bedding and pillows and furniture in High Point North Carolina.

They use Local artisans and Craftspeople to enhance their continued growing Line. Adding something Unique and New

much needed into the Home Goods Market.


This is 2013 part of The Genevive Collection


They have Created and Designed with the textiles using a fabulous chunky extremely tactile fabric.

While using those original stripes as well as coordinating plains. A Treasure Chest of Natural Tones. Prints being added

to the line using a resist style of printing. The process duplicates a fabric that appears to be Vintage instantly

The Timeless Beauty of their Linen/ cotton blend fabric makes the textiles the perfect choice for any Home.




2012 Brought several new products by French Laundry Home. Expanding our Line of tabletop and Holiday.

They  now are Proud to offer there  Exciting Collection of totes, jackets, and t shirts. I Hope you take the opportunity

to browse through the many different Exciting Lines they have to Offer . I know myself I have been watching them

Grow from the beginning.





French Laundry Home

1206 Trinity Ave

High Point NC 27260

P: 336 883-2680

F: 336 883-2691


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Thomas Kincade in Savannah GA

Thomas Kincade in Savannah City Market Gallery
211 W.St. Julian Street Savannah GA  31401
Contact for Pricing : Jenny Beeland  (912) 447-4460 email: jbeeland@comcast.net or
Jim Stokes Owner or Denise (912) 447-4660 email: jstokes@comcast.net
My Journey with Thomas Kincade
Interesting that when I chose to move and live in Savannah GA  what I feel is nostalgic Americana, that my love affair with Thomas Kincade
began. Now my husband always loved Thomas Kincade and he now hangs proudly in his Man cave a few of Thomas pieces from the print
I got him of the capital that was extremely affordable then framed myself to limited editions of Yankee Stadium and Peter Pan. Now I fought collecting Thomas’s work being one of those at first felt it was commercialized. Continue reading


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Easter Traditions At My House


Easter is a Pretty Major Holiday for Resurrection and Rebirth and for each of Us the Traditions that Follow are Different


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